Final Walk Through of Your New Destin or 30A Home

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The final walk-through is a time for the home buyer to walk through the home and make sure that all of the home improvements that were agreed upon (if any) have been completed. It is also a time to make sure that nothing has gone wrong in the home since you last looked at it. It is not a time where you walk through the home and find more mistakes that you once fixed, unless a new problem has surfaced since the last time you saw the property. It is important for the buyer to walk through the home and make sure it is in the condition that was agreed upon when you made an offer on the property.

Because of the time crunch as the day draws near for closing, many buyers skip the final walk-through process. This is not something we recommend. Many times buyers get wrapped up in the “new home” excitement and forget to check many of the functionality items in the home. They tend to start deciding on furniture placement or where the back yard furniture will be placed, instead of running the water and making sure all of the appliances that are coming with the home are functioning correctly. You do not want to overlook this step and move into a flooded home or a home with electrical wiring that is shot.

Checklist for a final walk-through:

  • Turn on and off every light fixture
  • Run water and look under sinks for leaks
  • Test all appliances
  • Check garage door openers
  • Open and close all doors
  • Flush toilets
  • Inspect ceilings, wall and floors
  • Run garbage disposal and exhaust fans
  • Test heating and air conditioning
  • Open and close windows
  • Make sure all debris is removed from the home

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