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We know how daunting it can be to sell your home. There is so much noise out there telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. We believe the best advice we can give, is to find a great realator that has your best interest at heart. No really, they exist. Check out any of our agents here at Crye-Leike Coastal Realty! But, if you are looking for some simple things that YOU yourself can do to increase the chances of selling your home quickly, then look no further!

No one wants to buy this kitchen! Tips for selling your Destin and 30-A Florida property

No one wants to buy this kitchen!

04/29/14 – CLEAR THE CLUTTER!!!!

I’m sure you have heard it before, but it is so true; decluttering your home is the easiest way to help it sell. Maybe I shouldn’t call it clutter, because I know that the things in your home are things that you love. Let’s say de-personalize. Is that a word? Oh well it doesn’t matter, it fits this situation!

I am currently looking for my first home (EXCITING!) and I can’t believe how many people post pictures of homes they are trying to sell that are jam packed with STUFF. From my experience, there are two reasons to put your things away. First, I want to imagine what MY things are going to look like in this new house. I want to see my cooky jar on the kitchen counter, or picture my souvenirs on the shelves. When I see your stuff in those places, thats all I see, your stuff. Second, and this may just be me, but when I see all of your things strewn about in the photos, it reminds me how awful it is going to be to pack up my own home. When I see all of your teacups lining the tops of the counters, I think about how long its going to take to wrap up all of my glassware. When that happens house hunting stops being fun. House hunting SHOULD be fun!.

I know I keep talking about the home buyer, and your the seller. So what does de-personalizing your home do for you? It helps you get a jump start on the packing process. You never know just how quickly your house will sell, and once it sold the timer starts. You know you are going to have to start packing eventually, so just go ahead and start packing away the things you don’t need or use on a daily basis. Good Luck!

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